Symptoms of Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine, more commonly known as meth, is a very strong stimulant,

causing the user to appear unusually active and even not sleep for long periods., even for several days.  Observers may notice that the user begins to lose a lot of weight and appear thin and undernourished.  Because they feel more energetic, the user may appear to be nervous or anxious.  People may notice that the user looks sweaty or becomes overheated even though they are not exercising or in a warm environment.  Other symptoms include high blood pressure and dilated pupils.  The meth user will also engage in risky behavior in order to get more of the drug.  The user may also become sexually excited.

Because harsh and caustic chemicals are used in ‘cooking’ meth, its use is very damaging to the user.  Many users will develop dental problems because the drug causes dry mouth, even to the point of losing some or all of their teeth.   The user may suffer from irregular heartbeat; mood disturbances; violent or aggressive behavior; paranoia and confusion.  The victim of meth addiction may also experience a rapid deterioration of both appearance and behavior.  Extended or heavy use of meth often results in hallucinations and delusions.  The user may become convinced that there are bugs crawling on their skin and will therefore develop sores caused by picking at the skin to get rid of the bugs.  This is one of the most commonly recognized symptoms of meth use.

Under the influence of meth, the addict will be unable to maintain gainful employment.  The meth addict will also create problems for their friends and family members.  Because getting the drug become more important than anything else in the addict’s life.  The user will fail to provide for their dependents and will not take care of their home, resulting in increasingly unsanitary living conditions.  They may even lose their home.  Drugs and drug paraphernalia will often be left within reach of children.

As with many drugs of addiction, meth negatively impacts both the user and those around them.  The user will be unable to take proper care of themselves or of their relatives.  The destructive impact of meth on the user’s body only grow stronger as the use of the drug continues.  In addition, the user’s ability to take proper care of their dependents steadily deteriorates.  For these reasons among others, meth is commonly thought of as one of the most destructive illicit drugs.


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